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Arab Massage Las Condes

Go to a Spa in Las Condes and Find an Arab Massage


Are you looking for an Arab massage in Las Condes? We are a  Spa that Las Condes residents love, come and see us at Masare your Spa in Las Condes. We offer many types of services that you will love. We specialize in arabesque massage, which was brought to our country from the Middle East. This type of massage is said to remove negative charges from the entire body and relieve stress and common day-to-day problems. This type of massage can be performed on all types of people and treats the back, arms, head, legs, neck and face. This massage is medium intensity and lasts 50 minutes.At our spa, we focus on making our services affordable and relaxing for our clients. If the Arabesque massage  it is not suitable for you then you may enjoy trying other types such as hot stone massage or Thai massage. Each type of massage we offer is listed on our website and details the intensity level. For example, while Arabesque massage  It is of medium intensity, a sports massage is of high intensity. Similarly, a light intensity pregnancy massage, making it safe for women carrying children. Call our spa in Las Condes to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you relieve stress and heal your body. Call today at 3 32518752 or call our mobile line at + 56 9 3192 2179 . You can also browse our website to view short informational pieces on each type of massage, which will help you choose which type of massage you should receive. Remember, we also have spa services and offers every month, so click through to our website to learn more about how we can help you get affordable services that make you feel amazing.

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